If you're here, you probably want to download this:

Pandora's Box 2 Beta 5

Less likely, but still possibly you might wish to get one of the following:

Region Editor
Location Editor
Hue Manager

If you're a developer, you might be interested in:

Pandora's Box 2 Source Code
Region Editor Source Code
Location Editor Source Code
Hue Manager Source Code

And if you're just curious, you might have a look at the following:

Nemesis Source Code
Region Editor 2 Source Code

A note to users ...

This website has a bandwidth limit of 10 Gb a month, and from the experience I had at runuo.com I feel that it might not be enough to sustain all the traffic it might get. If you want to mirror any of those files, feel free to do so and let it known on the RunUO forums. I will not be able to provide mirrors myself, or to temporarily fix the website if it goes down due to bandwith problems.

A note to developers...

Some of the code on this page is quite bad. Keep in mind that I had no real programming experience when I started working on the first PB, so I've been learning with time. All the UO code I wrote is now public, and you may use it however you wish. If you do however I suggest you review it carefully to make sure it does exactly what you want, and how you want it.

All the projects on this site have been created using Visual Studio .NET 2003 except Nemesis (Visual C# Express Beta 1) and Region Editor 2 (Visual C# Express Beta 2). What I've uploaded is my latest version, which in some cases might not compile, be unstable, not work or be completely useless. If something doesn't work, you'll need to fix it yourself (if you want to at all).

All the files on this page should be considered of public domain. You can redistribute them, modify them and recompile the projects.

And finally ...

Goodbye to everyone I got to know through RunUO and my projects. A special thank you goes to Ryan for hosting my previous website and to all the RunUO developers.